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I completed the first part of Pam’s business review and I have to say I found it very valuable to understanding where I am now with my business and she gave me an excellent tip to improve my relationship with my clients. As you may know, Pam believes relationships are the most important part of having a successful business. After completing the 12 question business evaluation, we met for about 1 1/2 hours to review my answers and her observations. She was very perceptive in noticing where I could use improvement, mostly in getting out of my shell and relating to my clients. She gave me a tip on meeting with my clients to discover where my clients see their business going so I can review and tailor my insurance to anticipate their needs. She also offered to review my letters which, when I start sending them, I will definitely have her review. I have already made two review appointments by calling clients, both replied that they looked forward to meeting with me. Thank you Pam. You helped me identify one area where I needed help and offered an easy solution to implement to strengthen the bond with my clients. I strongly recommend everyone to meet with Pam. She has been the ultimate professional throughout this process and I look forward to the improvements in my business.

David Jacobson , Michael Ehrenfeld Insurance

Pam has really helped me get a grasp on my business and has taught me about time management and money management in business. Her wisdom is invaluable and I will continue using her as my business grows. She has asked me questions about my business that I didn’t have an answer to and she has helped me find the answers to those questions and more. I look forward to her coaching going forward and helping my business grow!!!

Nichole Wilkinson , San Diego Legal Documents

Pam has a great deal of knowledge to offer any first time business owner. She offers a foundation to being building your business, in her workshop, “Hit Your Mark for Success!” It goes over the intention of finding your target market and how to figure out who your target market is. This concept is quite lost among so many business owners new and old. If you are struggling with growing your clientele, sign up for Pam’s workshop. It’s affordable and this one sets you up with a good foundation to begin the journey of being a successful business owner.

Michelle Anilao , Bulman Painting

Pam has a multitude of skills and is helping me on an ongoing basis to simplify my business processes, get better organized and educate me on various social networking sites and how to best use them to market my business. Her many years of business experience gives her the ability to help me with many aspects of my business development.

Sarah Jane O'Neil , Sarah's Healing Massage

Pam is a real “go-getter”! When she sets her mind to something, she goes for it with all of her might and ability. If you are looking for a coach that will “get it done” and make sure you do too, she is the one to chose. She is organized, efficient, and follows through with her word. Pam has caused me to step up my game, and my business’s success shows it. Thank You, Pam!

Lindi Chadwick , Chadwick Studio

Whenever I have a question or needed your assistance, you always respond in a timely manner and keep me up to date as things change.  The items you submit to me are always clear, concise and include valuable information.  You certainly are a good role model for others to follow.

In addition to her talents for communications, Pam was exceptional as a facilitator.  She displays a unique talent for bringing diverse issues and groups together in order to reach a needed understanding and to move forward as a team.

I just wanted to let you know how much I admire your success as a leader of people and small business owners.  It is very obvious your God-given gifts and talents:  leading small business owners, leading leaders, coaching them to be better business owners and people, helping them to be their best at what they do—are one of many reasons why you are so successful.