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What is a habit?

25 September 2016


 September 25, 2016
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It is a thought or behavior (act) that occurs without us having to think about it. We have thought or behaved in that particular manner so many times in our lives that we no longer think about it, we just react.

Many of our habits are good. Habits allow us to live our lives without having to think about every minute occurrence. However, many or our habits are not good, are not supportive. They may keep us from exercising and pursuing our innate ability and need to create? When habitual responses are excessive drinking, eating too much, spending too much, lashing out at others, that habitual (conditioned response) behavior is not supportive.

It is then that we are feeling the “hole” in our heart, mentioned in an earlier Thought of the Week. That hole is a result of our thought or behavior not being in alignment with our innate desire to create.

We are born to create. And the habits that don’t put us on our creative path can be replaced with habits that do.

Use your Fearless Thinking skills to replace unwanted habits with ones that help you to express your creativity.

Be a Fearless Thinker.
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